Bot Corner

Before using this product, please read the safety instructions and follow all those regular safety precautions

  1.  Only use the original battery and power adapter of the product for charging. Using other un-matched adapter may cause electric shock, fire or product damage.
  2.  Do not touch the flexible cord, plug or adapter with wet hands.
  3. Before starting the product, make sure the dust bin filter is properly installed.
  4. Do not use this product in wet or moist environment (Any environment with liquid. e.g. Bathroom or laundry.
  5. Before use, collect the floor environment (Remove all the fragile objects and cords clothing, papers, loose cables, as well as make sure to lift curtains and drapes off the floor to avoid any possible accidents. In case that a loose cable is tangled with the robot, the cable might move around with the robot as it works and topple down the table, chairs, or cabinet and might cause hurt to property damage.
  6.  Do not sit on top of this robot or attach an object on the top of it. Beware of children or pets while the product is in operation.
  7. Only use the robot indoors, do not use it outdoors.
  8. Do not take this robot close to cigarette, lighter or any other flammables.
  9. Never use the robot to clean combustible or highly volatile liquids, such as gasoline.
  10. If the product needs cleaning, clean it after it’s fully charged.
  11. Do not over-bend or press the flexible cord with heavy or sharp objects.
  12. Do not place this robot where it is easy to drop off (tables, chairs, etc.)
  13. In case the robot is malfunctioned or damaged by external force, please contact the seller or Customer care team for repairing.
  14. Turn Off the power switch during transportation or when you don’t need to use robot for long time.
  15. To avoid tripping, inform all the people in the house when robot is working.
  16. Before use, check whether adapter and outlet and properly connected.
  17. When dust bin is full, empty it before use.
  18. Do not use the robot in high-temperature environment or under direct sunlight for a long time.
  19. The adapter must be removed from the socket-outlet before cleaning or removing the battery.
  20. The battery must be removed and properly disposed off from the robot before scrapping the robot.

This appliance can only be used by children of 8 years old and above. For persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, proper supervision or instruction should be given concerning use of the appliance in a safe way to help them understand the hazards involved. Children should not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance not be made by children with supervision.