Bot Corner

Q1. Is Optimus easy to operate?

Ans. Yes, Optimus is very easy to operate with its One Push Start, automated cleaning function.

Q2. Does Optimus replace my domestic help?

Ans. No, Optimus does not totally replace your domestic help. However it takes care of your daily cleaning chores and makes you experience a whole new level of cleanliness by providing a complete Dust & Germ-free environment.

Q3. What types of floors and surfaces does Optimus work on?

Ans. Optimus is equipped with Floor Surface Adaptability feature, enabling Optimus to modulate & adjust its cleaning speed and navigation to clean effectively on Tile, Wooden, Carpet and Marble floors.

Q4. Will Optimus clean water or other liquid off the floor?

Ans. Optimus comes with a Mopping function which facilitates Damp/ Wet cleaning. Optimus is ideally used for cleaning dry environments. 

Caution: Do not use Optimus for cleaning wet surfaces viz. Bathrooms, Balconys etc.

Q5. How long does Optimus take to clean an area?

Ans. Optimus when fully charged will clean for 90 minutes covering an area of approximately 2000 sq. ft.

Q6. Does Optimus need supervision or any human intervention?

Ans. No, Optimus is a fully automated cleaning device requiring no Human Interface whatsoever.

Q7. Will Optimus fall off stairs or elevated platforms?

Ans. No, Optimus has various inbuilt navigation sensors preventing it from falling off from stairs and other drop offs.

Q8. Does Optimus clean corners and along the walls?

Ans. Yes, Optimus cleans corners and along the walls with its unique Edge to Edge cleaning mode.

Q9. How much does Optimus Weigh?

Ans. Optimus weighs a total of three kilograms (3.0kg) and is easily portable.

Q10. What is the diameter and height of Optimus?

Ans. Optimus has a sleek design with a diameter of 340mm and height of 85mm enabling it to reach under sofas and other furniture.

Q11. Does Optimus make noise while operating?

Ans. Optimus works silently at just 58 dB producing lesser sound than a ceiling fan.

Q12. Will UV radiation harm me?

Ans. No, the UV rays are designed to protect you by attacking up to 98% of general household bacteria and pathogens. It is completely safe and used in hospitals.

Q13. Are there any preparations required before using Optimus?

Ans. It does not require any preparations whatsoever, any loose clothes or articles viz. T-shirts, Magazines etc. should be cleared off the floor.

Q14. Is it safe to operate Optimus around children and pets?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Optimus around pets and children as it comes with various safety sensors to protect the robot as well as your Children & Pets in case of any manhandling.

Q15. Does Optimus require a lot of maintenance?

Ans. No, Optimus requires minimal maintenance of about 5 minutes daily after every use, wherein one has to just empty off the dustbin. The side brushes and sensors needs to simply clean once a week.

Q16. Do I need to check the dustbin after every use?

Ans. Optimus has a 0.5 litre high capacity dustbin which should be ideally cleaned after every use. Although it comes with a Dustbin Full indicator, notifying in case the dustbin gets filled up. Also, the dustbin can be washed directly under water.

Q17. When should I replace the side brushes and Filters?

Ans. Depending on usage, ideally one should replace the side brushes & HEPA filters after 6 months of daily usage.

Q18. What if I need service support?

Ans. Customer care is our biggest priority, with our dedicated Customer Care team we assure the best after sale service support.

Q19. What happens when Optimus malfunctions?

Ans. Optimus is engineered with a Self Diagnostics feature, where the display screens flashes Error code upon any malfunction enabling you to rectify the error instantly. In case of any physical damage or unresolved issue, our Customer Care team is right at your disposal.

Q20. What if Optimus needs servicing at the end of warranty period?

Ans. Bot Corner Warranty covers all the manufacturing defects for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. However warranty can be easily extended by contacting our Customer Support.