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Bot Corner™ is a premium consumer robot brand, destined to upgrade your living by simplifying your day to day chores. Providing superior quality product experience is at the core of Bot Corner’s preposition and each robot is developed with intent to deliver the experience of futuristic, smart and cosy lifestyle.

Bot Corner™ designs products that are intuitive, responsive and energy efficient so you can spend wisely, be more productive and reduce manual interface in everyday chores.

We’re committed to providing products that work best for the way you live and to keeping you updated with the latest technological advances. Imagine having a partner to keep up with your daily cleaning hassles at a push of a button.

At Bot Corner™, we connect you to the future by introducing our revolutionary cleaning robot Optimus for an optimized cleaning experience. Optimus is a multi-surface autonomous cleaning robot; smart enough to map your environment, recharge itself between cleaning sessions and follow a daily cleaning schedule.

Optimized Cleaning!!!

Experience cleanliness like never before with our robotic cleaner, taking you to the next level of healthy and wholesome living.

Our state of the art cleaning robot is specifically designed with a 4-Stage cleaning system where the spinning side brushes sweep and collect all dirt, debris and dander via high power vacuum suction; along with mopping hard stains and sterilizing by UV radiation.

Bot Corner brings the best in class robotic cleaning, powered with a bundle of features.


Spinning side brushes for maximum cleaning coverage around the corners


High Powered Vacuum suction to rapidly absorb even the finest dust, debris and allergens.


Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation directly targets the DNA of 96% common household bacteria and allergens guaranteeing you a complete Germ-Free environment.


Specially designed Eco-Friendly micro fiber cloth for dry and damp mopping, leaving your floor sparkling.

Robotic Navigation

Optimus features an intelligent design, engineered for enhanced mobility with a complete Human-Free interface.
Our cleaning robot uses a mixture of software and acoustic sensors to detect obstacles; recognize stairs & other drop-offs. Dirt detection sensors allow Optimus to perform concentrated cleaning in those areas that need the most.
Floor Surface adaption technology automatically modifies the cleaning interface to adjust on tiles, marble, hardwood and carpets.

Optimus changes the way you experience cleaning!

Optimus is a beautifully designed cleaning robot powered by a basket of features to enhance your cleaning experience.

It swiftly moves around and under furniture covering every corner and surface. It is a perfect cleaner for homes with pets and children.

Dust and Germ free home makes you and your loved ones 80% less prone to allergens and respiratory problems.

Robotic Navigation

Obstacle detection sensors allow Optimus to detect your furniture, walls and other household items. Soft-Touch bumper technology differentiates soft barriers from heavy objects, allowing Optimus to cleaning under curtain, couch and bed skirts.

Robotic Navigation

The robot always starts in auto mode cleaning a room in a unique Z pattern ensuring maximum coverage.

Robotic Navigation

Whenever low on energy, Optimus automatically detects the charging station and recharges itself. Runs continuously for 90 minutes then automatically recharges and resumes from the same point from where it set forth for charging until the job is completed.

Floor Surface Adaption

Optimus automatically adjusts to clean tile, marble, carpet, hardwood and laminate floors as it moves through your home. Carpet Boost allows Optimus to self-adjust its navigation and boosting the suction upon detection carpets.

Remote Navigation

User-Friendly remote control gives you the power and comfort to direct the robot as you wish.

Stairs Recognition

The robot always starts in auto mode cleaning a room in a unique Z pattern ensuring maximum coverage.

Virtual Wall

Virtual wall prevents the robot from entering restricted area by creating a virtual barrier.


Spinning side brushes for maximum cleaning coverage around the corners


Optimus auto detects any troubleshooting and displays Errors codes on display screen to protect itself from any damage.

Dirt Detection

Dirt detection sensors trace dusty and dirty surfaces and effectively focuses on cleaning multi times where it is needed the most.

Edge Cleaning

The robot cleans along the walls and obstacles covering each and every corner.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter ensures highly effective airflow through a sealed channel capturing finest dust and allergens.

Spot Mode

In Spot mode, the robot intensively cleans in a spiral pattern whenever the robot detects dirty areas.

Voice Demonstration

The Robot speaks to you upon performing any function and guides you in every operation.

LED Panel

Elegant touch and display panel shows time setting, charging status and Error codes by using alphabets and numbers.


Slimmest design compared to any other cleaning robot with just 8.5 cm in height enabling cleaning under sofas and furniture. At noise level of just 58 dB, Optimus operates completely disturbance-free.

High Capacity Dustbin

Optimus accumulates dust, dirt and debris in a high capacity dustbin (500 ml) enough for a single cleaning session; powered with “DUSTBIN FULL” indicator.

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